About Me

Yvonne Garcia Zaher

Raised in the Barrios of Southern California, Yvonne attended East Los Angeles Community College. She has studied philosophy, religion and spiritual healing her entire life. Currently, she is a playwright and author. Her current projects include two completed manuscripts, one titled, Chupacabra Begone: Dealing with Chronic Pain Thru Meditation and the other, a Supernatural Fantasy Trilogy, The Anubis Chronicles: The Council.

One of her greatest passions is writing short stories for The Heart and Soul of the Barrio Series that she is creating. These stories bring to light the resilience, spirit and heart of the people who live in the dangerous streets of gang infested Barrios. These stories are inspired by life experiences growing up in the Barrio, where tragedy through gang violence is a common occurrence.

Although born in San Antonio, Texas, Yvonne has always lived in Southern California. She embraces her Tejano culture, returning often to San Antonio, to visit her grandparents. Both her parents were born and raised in Texas, thereby instilling the customs and ways of Tejanos. 

Whenever possible, Yvonne loves to travel, see new places and meet new people. She is currently making it a priority to visit every state in our country.

She is also an avid Meditator and user of essential oils which she uses to help heal herself and others. Yvonne is always hoping and encouraging others to acquire a daily Meditation Practice and to attend Healing Circles regularly. To that end, she created, The 3, 6, 9, Meditation Method that she readily teaches to anyone interested in learning. She will soon be creating open Healing Circles for anyone wishing to participate.

Her other creative passion is writing Supernatural Fantasy. As a young girl living in a Barrio with a stressful home environment, she found solace in books. Reading Supernatural Fantasies took her away to a world of magic and wonder. It is her hope that she gives solace and excitement to those who seek it, through the magical world she created in her upcoming trilogy: The Anubis Chronicles.

Current Projects


Anubis Chronicles: Book One: The Council, available now.


Chicanas at Play: An Anthology of 10 Minute Plays - coming Christmas 2023.


Vengeance: Countess Victoria Saint Germain's Story - coming January 2024.

Poems & Plays

Big Al

The Crooked Apple Tree

Aurora’s Sacrifice


Amigas, Ninos y Perros

Stories of the Heart and Soul of The Barrio Series:

The Hills


Tamales Past


The Anubis Chronicles: Book One: The Council

Vengeance: Countess Victoria Saint Germain’s Story

Chicanas at Play: An Anthology of 10 Minute Plays

In The Works