The Anubis Chronicles

The Council Book 1

By Yvonne Garcia Zaher 

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The Anubis Chronicles The Council Book 1

Book Description

Enter the world of The Anubis Chronicles where Supernaturals of all species exist. Werewolves, Shapeshifters, Witches, Warlocks, Demons, Elves and more, all living in the Earth Realm, without the knowledge of humans. This is where magic and reality meet and the four Realms exist. The Realm of the Gods is where Anubis resides when he is not at his Temple in Egypt, weighing the hearts of the accused and meting out justice. Here in his Temple is where the immortal secret Council headed by Asim, also resides.  Anubis and the Gods of the world had created the Council for the sole purpose of keeping evil at bay in the Earth Realm. There in the ancient Temple of Anubis, the portal to the Earth Realm lies. The Elven Realm portal has been dormant in Stonehenge for two-thousand years. The Dragon Realm portals can now only be opened by a Master Dragon. All truths are about to be challenged for a new Star Traveler has been born with the ability to re-open the portals.


Can the secret Council keep evil at bay or will evil prevail? When three human girls are found dead with every bone broken in their bodies, dumped in the deserts bordering California and Nevada. Now, the Council must investigate, find the guilty parties and bring them before Anubis to be judged and punished.


Summer Sky Mondragon is a She-Wolf and the daughter of the most powerful Alpha in the United States. She has lived in her father’s territory her entire life, Jerome, Arizona. Her father has always protected her, in fact, he has been overprotective. When Summer Sky is kidnapped after spending a weekend with her friends in Colorado, Alpha Alexander goes crazy. He will go to any lengths to get his daughter back home safely. Little does he or anyone else realize that all these events are connected and will have a devastating effect on everyone.

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